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Stone Circles, Dragons & The Isle of Man

On a recent visit to the Isle of Man as I did my daily meditation a dragon came to me & said I was to find the dragon on the island, so I did a little search & found a rock shaped like a  dragon drinking from the sea, so of course off to the south of the island I went to take a look. This rock is called The Drinking Dragon at the southeast corner of the Calf of Man. Known also as ‘the Burroo’ to the locals, which is Manx for ‘the Berg’ (as in iceberg). Some people say it also means a ‘fortress’.
I had also been guided to meditate in the Meayll Hill Stone Circle overlooking the Port of Erin. It was a bit of steep climb to the top but worth it for the views alone. I took my trusty crystal dragon skull who accompanied me on this trip to collect codes & information from this beautiful sacred land, that I would connect into during later meditations.
The Manx name of this structure is Rhullick-y-lagg-shliggagh which translates to the graveyard of the valley of broken slates and the term 'Meayll' means 'bald' in Manx Gaelic. At this Neolithic archeological monument there are 12 burial chambers in an 18 foot ring with six entrance passages leading into each pair of chambers. Shards of ornate pottery, charred bones, flint tools and white quartz pebbles have all been found in the burial chambers & are now displayed in the Manx Museum.
As I set down to meditate I offered healing to the land. I was asked to send reiki to the rocks of the land because they were fed up being stepped upon. If you look at the photos you’ll see some grumpy rock faces, but hopefully a little happier after some healing.
I connected to my dragon clan & in my meditation I was taken through a wooden arched door into a crystal quartz cave, surrounded by huge white quartz stones in a circle. I was told the dragons were the guardians & protectors of these crystal stones in the time of Atlantis & Lemuria. Inside the stones I was shown a violet pool of healing light & told this is where many healings took place. The dragons told me they are back to share this technology in the near future. I was allowed to bathe myself in the healing violet light as an upgrade to receive the codes to share. Light language bubbled up & then I was back in the stone circle at the beginning of my meditation.
I was told messages would come in my dreams over the next week or so to share at the Dragon Thunder summit on the 2nd July.
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