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About the Soulful Wisdom Academy

Meet Nicola, published co-author of two books 'She Is...Unleashing Divine Feminine Power' & 'Goddess'. Certified Reiki Master & Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Moonologer, 7th Dimensional Transference, EFT, Crystal, Chakra & Aura Healing Practitioner.

Nicola set up the Soulful Wisdom Academy to share her knowledge, wisdom & transformative energetic spiritual tools, so your embodied journey as an Earth Star Priestess can begin!

Her Mission, with the help of her Dragon Clan Guides, is to create a safe sacred container for soul wisdom seekers to explore & expand their natural intuitive gifts & talents, so that you can live aligned to your highest level of purpose, meaning & fulfilment.

Do you hear the Spiral Path of the Priestess calling You?
Welcome Soul Wisdom Keepers & Seekers, Spirit Weavers, Lightworkers & Priestesses. This message is for you!

What is the Path of an Earth Star Priestess?

A Priestess path is a journey of self discovery as unique as you. It can be solitary, or you can find support in sisterhood through sacred circles. As you embody the wisdom of the Earth Star Priestess path, from the stars above & the earth below, you begin to create your own rituals to set intentions for what you’d like to manifest in your life & lead sacred ceremonies to guide & help others to release stagnant & overwhelming energy. You begin to slow down to the cycles & seasons of nature as opposed to the current patriarchal fast paced cycle of all action & busyness. You learn to walk a path of courage & adapt to your own cycles, creating the life you want to lead without the direction of others, more specifically worrying about the judgment of others. You confidently access your own unique soul wisdom & find the answers within as opposed to outside of yourself. The Earth Star Priestess path is a road to autonomy & self actualisation through intuitive & psychic experiences so you can live a life more in alignment with your authentic self, thus creating a more peaceful, balanced, fulfilled & prosperous life of purpose.

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The Calling of the 'Drinking Dragon' at Durdle Door.

Feb 03, 2024

Modalities at The Soulful Wisdom Academy

I am intuitively guided to use a fusion of the modalities that I have trained in during each 1-1 session when I work with you. This means each healing session is unique to you & gives you the highest possible outcome that you need at that time.

In my quest to understand & gain more knowledge of ancient healing modalities & wisdom; I also blend modern day science research, including quantum physics into my work, to bring more clarity & perspective of how we can fuse this magic into our everyday life, why it matters & the profound changes energy healing can have for you!

Here are some of the modalities that I may use during your sessions with me & some of the modalities that I teach, so that you can enhance your intuition & become your own healer or healer to others, if that is your vocation.

*Please click on the photos below to learn more about the individual modalities I use & how they can help you.





Transference Healing


Chakra Balance & Alignment


Bespoke Moon Ceremony & Moonology Workshops

Channelling with Dragons


Card Reading


EFT & Matrix Re-Imprinting


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