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Welcome Soul Wisdom Seeker's, Lightworker's & Priestesses!

Nicola is a published author, Founder of the Soulful Wisdom Academy & soon to be host of the Soul Wisdom Seeker Podcast!

She uses her natural intuitive & psychic abilities as a Soul Wisdom Activator with the guidance of her Dragon Clan; to activate the natural gifts of soul wisdom seekers who are seeking to advance their intuition, confidently develop their own psychic senses all with a sprinkle of magick!

If you are a Soul Wisdom Seeker, you are likely following synchronicities, exploring rabbit holes & asking the big philosophical questions, such as ‘What is my purpose?’, ‘Why am I here?’ & ‘Who am I?’

If this is you, then your internal compass has brought you to this page, especially if you are looking to create more harmony & prosperity to all areas of your life & manifest greater health, wealth & relationships.

In doing so, not only will you draw your personal power back to you as you live a more authentic & aligned life; you will naturally help raise the ascension of the planet from the current 3D to 5D consciousness as your internal healing ripples outwards to those around you! 

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I am so glad Nicola was recommended to me by a good friend. Nicola is honest and practices with real integrity and kindness. She is sensitive to your readiness and the stage you are at in your own personal journey. I would have no hesitation in recommending her workshops and her reiki. I don't exaggerate when I say... to me, she IS an angel. Nicola educates herself every day and thinks creatively and way outside of the box, huge thanks

Vicky Elizabeth Mills, UK

Melanie Bakhuis, Australia

Thank you so much for the card reading you did for me, it was so accurate! 

Thank you so much for the card reading you did for me, it was so accurate! 

Melanie Bakhuis

Thank you Nicola for my card reading you did for me today. Made total sense and resonates with me. Thank you so much x X 

Claire Winter, UK

Marisol Acevedo, Columbia

Reiki with Nicola has helped me feel calm, less panicked and afraid of the future. I appreciate the sessions. Thank you

Reiki with Nicola has helped me feel calm, less panicked and afraid of the future. I appreciate the sessions. Thank you

Marisol Acevedo, Columbia

Thank you Nicola for this lovely reading - it is the perfect card for these days and it really gave me an extra push where I needed.

Mateja Pozar, Slovenia

Susana Ayala, UK

Even remotely I was surprised at how effective our session was! Nicola gave us a thorough verbal report after and then a very detailed written one. We will definitely come back for more sessions, plus I want the whole family to have the treatment. Thank you Nicola!

Even remotely I was surprised at how effective our session was! Nicola gave us a thorough verbal report after and then a very detailed written one. We will definitely come back for more sessions, plus I want the whole family to have the treatment. Thank you Nicola!

Susana Ayala, UK

Lisa Reynolds, UK

I highly recommend Nicola at Soulful Wisdom Academy. Nicola is a natural teacher. She encourages you to ask questions and supports you to fully develop your own unique gifts as well as fully understands and respects all aspects of Reiki. Nicola has helped me gain the confidence I need to step into my role as a Reiki practitioner and I feel excited to see where this may lead me. Nicola is very knowledgeable and passionate about Reiki and it shows in how she passes on the teachings. I highly recommend Nicola and look forward to doing my teacher training with her when I’m ready to take the next step!

The Soulful Wisdom Academy Blog 

Conversations with a Burnt Gorse Bush!

How is Mary Magdalene relevant to your Spiritual Awakening?

The Calling of the 'Drinking Dragon' at Durdle Door.

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It takes courage for a woman to be seen as she is; for the divine feminine to be revealed. To be fully present, raw, exposed, powerful, and gloriously as she is. Powerful women share their journey into the divine feminine through these pages, providing permission for us all to own our femin-essence, to renew our connection with our innate feminine power, and to remember the ancient feminine knowledge that can powerfully guide us to know our value. This anthology explores the feminine awakening journey of each author, spiced with inspiring strength and raw emotion. Bringing the depth of their own unique experiences to each chapter, they each have navigated challenges and risks to uncover the innate gifts that lay within their being, showing us how we can reveal them too.

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In coming to know these women, you will learn how to know yourself. Your upbringing and social class don’t define you; your actions and your intent do. Your desires aren’t just possible; they’re inevitable, but only if you can stop getting in your own way.   

These women will show you that you, too, can manifest your innate nature, and become a GODDESS. 

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Perhaps, one of the most impactful cycles is the moon cycle. The moon's changing phases is a wonderful way to welcome wisdom, intuition, feminine energy, nurturing, and spiritual connections. Recording your interaction with the moon cycles not only creates an opportunity for you to enhance your intuition, you will also release anything that is not in alignment with your purpose & manifest a balanced, creative prosperous life with the moon.
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Upcoming Events:


I am super excited to be a speaker  & sharing a channelled message from my dragon clan at the upcoming International Dragon Thunder Summit in July 2023 hosted by Kevin Humphries, The Dragon Whisperer & English Mystic.

Along with sending me to sacred sites where the dragon lines meet, the dragons asked me to share 30 Days of channelled wisdom & inspirations from them which I was very reluctant to do in case others around me thought I'd really gone quite mad by talking to dragons. However, when I trust my intuition & listen to the dragons, through sharing my channellings more publicly, my confidence has grown, but then empowerment & living your truth is what dragons are all about!

These 30 dragon channellings can be found in the FREE Soulful Academy Library.

If you are drawn to the mystical magical dragon energy then please sign up to the LIVE International Dragon Summit 2023 Event as there is a great line up of knowledgeable & experienced dragon speakers & experts.

Dragon book author Caroline Mitchell, Diana Cooper, Dragon whisperer EnglishMystic, Dragon Riders like Barbara Worsley, and Dragon sage Alphedia Arara Kenchington, and others will bring unique insights and perspectives on the topic of dragons, which can help you deepen your understanding of these fascinating creatures. 

By joining this event, you can deepen your understanding of dragons and their place in our world while connecting with other passionate individuals from around the globe.

NB: What an amazing summit this was! I am still buzzing in all the dragon energy & this looks like the start of many more dragon summits & other exciting projects in the pipeline. To watch all the speakers, it's not too late to sign up with the link below to access the recordings for free!

You can now register for the 2024 International Dragon Thunder Summit, which will be 24 hours, 8 hours in Australia, US & UK!

Not only have I been asked to be a SPEAKER & HOST the London end with Kevin, we are going GALACTIC!

Sign up to the Dragon Summit
Join the Intuitive Dragon Medicine Waitlist

Listen to Previous Events, Guest Podcasts & Sign up for Upcoming Events Here:


Click on the photos below to access the links to the events & podcasts.

Chakra Summit 2021

Chakras & Reiki: A Metaphysical Perspective on Pain & Healing with Guest Expert Nicola Brettell-Smith

IG Live with the Authentic Visability Coach -Chrissy Mellinger

Following your intuition, building a community, and incorporating spirituality into your daily habits with Nicola Brettell-Smith

What the Magick Podcast with Kelly Lorraine

Mixing Modalities & Creating Your Own with Nicola Brettell-Smith

The Crystal Vision Podcast with Olivia Clare

Your Spirit Guides are Talking to You: Here's How to Listen to them with Nicola Brettell-Smith

Energy Update for the Spring Equinox 2022 with Rav  Jisdhaul from IG Luminous Love Lane

Discussions on how receiving channelled messages & reading energy matches the Astrological forecast for the month ahead.

The Embody Your Purpose Podcast with Samantha Rodeck 

(Coming Soon)
Discussing Dragons & how to Overcome FEAR when connecting with the Spirit World.

The International Dragon Thunder Summit 2023


Watch Nicola's section of the Dragon Thunder Summit where she shares her dragon journey, light codes & a heart opening meditation.

The Suffolk Circle Podcast with Lisa Reynolds from Roots to Healing

Discussing dragons, dreaming & shamanism