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The Calling of the 'Drinking Dragon' at Durdle Door.

This morning, as I often do, especially when I feel stuck & I'm in my head too much, the dragon calls me & sends me to visit a certain place. Today, it was the Jarassic South Coast, not too far from where I live at Durdle Door. Doorways, trees & water wells of course being portals to the otherworld in celtic times. As I grew up near here, I have visited this charming place many times, however it's only recently that I had heard it being given the local name of 'The Drinking Dragon'!


It was only last summer when I visited The Isle of Mann when I had a dream to find 'The drinking dragon' on the island, where my sister & aunt kindly went with me for a day out to find the dragon & climb a hill on the search for a stone circle where I recieved a Lemurian light activation. (See my other blog about this adventure). Now I had found a second  drinking dragon! I feel this might be a calling to hunt for more!

I lent against one of the dragons' feet for support & connected to her to see what wisdom she wanted to share. I instantly felt emotional as I heard her say she was tired of being known as a door & wanted to be seen & heard as the dragon she really is! She said she no longer feared those who talked about dragons as deamons & was secure to show up authentically as the 'Drinking Dragon'.

As it was the first day of Imbolc, & I wanted to thank the dragon as new information instantly downloaded that would help me & others on their journey; I created & an offering of a mandala made from the natural items I found on the beach.


When the dragon said she wanted to be seen & heard, it made me think, how often as a healer, lightworker/ starseed do you feel not heard, not seen or misunderstood & even crazy when you talk about energy work? How many of you fear talking about some of the stuff you do & hold it all in even when you know you probably have some great tools that can help others?

I know these are all emotions & beliefs that I have had to work through & if I’m honest it is the dragons who have helped me work through this. Even saying that sounds crazy & believe me I have been called worse! However, there is this pull to seek, to know more about the metaphysical world & at some point, if you want to help others with your light & your natural intuitive gifts, then being seen & heard is a step forward to overcome. 


If this sounds like you & you would like to share more of your athentic self with the world, which is definitely a theme for 2024, then you might be interested in the 12 month Shamanic Dragon Priestess course, where with the help of the dragons & tapping into the divine creative feminine principle energy, we will advance our natural intuitive & psychic gifts & overcome these fears around being seen & heard, so more light can be shared with the world. 

If you’d like to know more, then please join the soulful Wisdom Academy Library so you don’t miss out when the doors open. You can also listen to the audio under the February Energy Update to explore how the Shamanic Dragon Priestess journey supports the upcoming energy for the Year of the Wood Dragon 2024.

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