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Why walk the path of an Earth Star Priestess?

Through the elements of earth, fire, air & water shown in the pentagram symbol, the Shamanic Medicine Wheel, the Celtic Wheel of the year, the tarot, our energy centres & as above so below, these elements are reflected in the astrological stars, planets & archetypal Goddesses. The interconnection of the elements found in nature & our own bodies all have a role to play. We cannot have one without the other & have balance or wholeness.

For example, if we have too much air in the body, this mental energy may show up as overthinking & create, overwhelm & anxiety in our body.
If there is too much fire in the body, we may take too much action & burnout, too little, we may procrastinate & take no action at all towards our goals. Too much water, we may be spreading our energy thin, saying yes to everything & anything that is not in flow or alignment with our soul path & later show up as exhaustion & resentment. Too little water, we maybe holding onto our emotions in our bodies, interfering with the balance of our energy centres & later show up as physical ailments. An overflow of earth may show up as static energy, unable to take risks or adapt to change, too little earth & we may feel ungrounded, off centre & sporadic with our ideas, not able to settle on one to bring to fruition.

The high priestess in the tarot, translates to mean ‘silver star’ which is the moon. The moon is the reflection of the sun & an aspect of our hidden shadow selves, our inner unconscious thoughts often reflected back in the reality of our outer world. The moon is our inner wisdom, our emotions & our intuition. The high priestess is the alchemist, balancing her emotional energies of her inner world to create the reality she wishes to see on her outer world. With the help of the Magician energy from the major arcana tarot she is able to manifest her desires as she balances both the feminine & masculine energies within. Mary Magdalene was a priestess of the Goddess Sophia, (Goddess of Wisdom) she knew how to embody the light and the dark, how to harness the magic potency of sacred sexual energy, and how to cleanse, awaken, and resurrect the soul. She holds the wisdom of the priestesses who have walked before us. From the mystic priestesses from Isis, Egypt, the Avalon & Essene lineages. 


The moon influences the Earth’s tides & the water table, which is why our ancestors planted seeds with an almanac calendar as they were more connected to the cycles & seasons of nature. The moon runs through 4 cycles of new, waxing, full & waning over 28 days, reflecting the archetypes of the maiden, mother, wild woman & crone, which as women we can identify with as our own menstrual cycle is usually in tune with the 13 annual lunar cycles.

A priestess path is a journey of self discovery as unique as you. It can be solitary, or you can find support in sisterhood through sacred circles. As you embody the wisdom of the Earth Star priestess path, from the stars above & the earth below, you begin to create your own rituals to set intentions for what you’d like to manifest in your life & lead sacred ceremonies to guide & help others to release stagnant & overwhelming energy. You begin to slow down to the cycles & seasons of nature as opposed to the current patriarchal fast paced cycle of all action & busyness. You learn to walk a path of courage & adapt to your own cycles, creating the life you want to lead without the direction of others, more specifically worrying about the judgment of others. You confidently access your own unique soul wisdom & find the answers within as opposed to outside of yourself. The Earth Star Priestess path is a road to autonomy & self actualisation through intuitive & psychic experiences so you can live a life more in alignment with your authentic self, thus creating a more peaceful, balanced, fulfilled & prosperous life of purpose.

Leading with your own intuitive guidance & walking the path of an Earth Star Priestess is for you if:

-You are constantly asking the big questions & wonder what your purpose here on Earth is?

-You are ready to trust in your own inner compass, but you're not sure how?

-You are a serial over giver which is making you exhausted as you are actually giving your personal power away. You are now ready to claim back your power?

-You always have a giant to do list that is bigger than when you started because you can't stop saying yes, this is making you feel anxious, but you are ready to use your intuitive guidance to put boundaries in place?

-You are so busy ensuring everyone else's needs are met, you've forgotten to meet your own. You know its time to fill up your cup & give from your overflow?

-You are fearful of connecting with your spirit guides, psychic Clair senses & the spiritual tools such as the tarot because you've been told it's wrong & are worried about attracting negative entities. You would be happier with the guidance of an expert?

-You are ready to heal the ancestral lineages & cut the necessary cords cut as you embrace all fear that arises within you & move through these challenges. 

 -You are ready to slow down the pace of life & be in tune to the cycles of nature, to create more awareness of the messages from the plant & animal allies & to receive the medicine of the shamanic life & death cycles.

The motto of the soulful Wisdom Academy is to heal, align & evolve. Heal your past, align to your truth & unique creative feminine expression & evolve your soulful wisdom. This is the path of the Earth Star Priestess.

If you are ready to walk the path of the Earth Star Priestess then the doors open to the Fearlessly Seeking You program at 4 points of the year with an Earth Star Chakra & Stellar Gateway activation reconnecting you to the wisdom of our ancestors & our guides by anchoring our whole chakra system within our bodies to the earth below & the stars above so we can be a conduit for our natural intuitive & psychic gifts to flow through us with more clarity.

There are only 12 spaces available to create intimacy, build trust & connection or a personal 1-1 bespoke package can be created to meet you where you are at.

Join the Soulful Wisdom Academy Free Library for more information.

Or if you are interested in starting at level one of the Fearlessly Seeking You System which starts in July, then click on the button below to join the Intuitive Dragon Medicine waitlist 

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