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So What is a Moon Circle?


The moon is associated with the divine feminine, intuition, cycles, emotions & our shadow selves, the parts of us we keep to ourselves & sometimes even deny & keep hidden from our own self. The mind does this to protect ourselves from doing harm due to past experiences or learned perceptions passed on by others & what we have taken as our own beliefs.


Being vulnerable with ourselves is not easy, so we often bury our emotions associated with our feelings deep inside. These emotions on an energetic level can prevent us from growing, evolving & stepping into the next level of fulfillment in our lives. We can be left feeling stuck & unsure of our direction in our lives, at a crossroads not knowing which road to take.


I understand what it is to feel vulnerable & as we evolve to each next level of our own personal development, our thoughts can come back to haunt us. Right now as I make this offer of a moon circle available to you, thoughts come up to the surface for transmuting, like “What if no-one comes?” then to the other extreme, 'What if too many people come & I have no room?’, ‘What if they don’t like what I offer?’ It would be so easy to listen to the internal voice of doom & do nothing, but having experienced the power of moon circles both for myself & working with others in bespoke moon ceremonies, I have to listen to my inner voice, the quiet voice of intuition that knows what's best for me, my gut feeling that soothes & says everything will be ok, that this is sacred work & bigger than me, it is time to serve my community with my knowledge & wisdom. Trust!


So how do Moon Circles take you to that next level?


Well you can work with the moon at any point during the moon's 28 day cycle. The new moon is about manifesting & bringing something new into your life that you desire, but before we can bring in something new, we need to release any negative attachments & emotions that keep our desires at a distance. This is where we work with the full moon energy. The full moon illuminates issues & problems that keep you stuck & any emotions that you are holding onto are brought up to the surface to be transmuted.


We can go one step further by adding astrology to our moon circles as each month the new moon works with the energy of an astrological sign that governs the month the moon falls in. The full moon works with the energy of the astrological sign on the opposite side of the chart & shows us the energies that are playing out & bubbling to the surface particularly for the collective energy. Planets can also play into these energies.


You can also map out your own personal moon energies that will be showing up for you by looking at your personal astrological chart, which is how I work with people in small bespoke ceremonies.


Each sign is governed by a house, such as finances, relationships or health, therefore when you work with the moon energy every month, you also work through 12 segments of your own life over the course of a year, releasing & making changes to what doesn’t feel good, thus bringing in your desires so you are living more in alignment with your soul truth.


To make this evening more fun & magical, we can bring in Goddess energy to show the archetypal energies at play, the elements, for example fire to burn & transmute what is coming up for you & use divination such as oracle cards to guide us further. Colours, crystals & flowers can be added to bring their additional meanings & healings to the circle. Meditations also allow the mind to be still where we can access our intuition with ease.


We sit in a circle to combine our energies, give support & share wisdom in a safe sacred space where all voices are heard & where we can be seen & witnessed without the fear of shame, guilt or judgment of others.  I create a safe sharing space, where everyone is equal, although you are under no obligation to share, instead soak up the atmosphere & recollect your own inner thoughts & wisdom.


For now each moon circle will be monthly on a Tuesday nearest to the Full Moon date as we can still work with the energies 3 days either side.


If you’d like to give a moon circle a try to develop your intuition & manifest your desires, then why not try out my next moon circle on 6th June 2023 from 7:30pm in my healing room on the outskirts of Fordingbridge & if you don’t want to come alone, then please invite a friend!

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