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Listening to your Soulful Wisdom.

Why the name of Soulful Wisdom Academy? Because the name reflects what I offer. In my personalised 1-1 coaching program the ‘Fearlessly Seeking You System’, I take you to a place where you can listen to your own soulful wisdom, your personal compass and inner guidance, better known as intuition. Once you are in full alignment with your body’s holistic needs and are guided by your intuition, you are able to stand in your power and make great decisions that are perfectly aligned for you. When you stand in the centre of your soul, your personal home, you find peace and tranquillity and can see everything from a higher perspective. Once all the drama has been taken out of the equation, you will naturally follow the perfect path for you, which will lead you to finding your soul purpose. You will gain confidence to trust your inner wisdom, which will ultimately give you fulfilment in your life.

When I teach reiki, I teach you to connect and listen to your intuition when you work with your client. You are shown everything you need to know, to understand what reiki is, how it works, and all the benefits reiki can give you and your clients. Learning to lead with your soulful wisdom before you make decisions with your treatments will help you to give the best reiki sessions you can for both you and your clients.

Healing Your Inner Child

I have always taught in one capacity or another, either home educating my 3 children or in colleges teaching the knowledge of Early Years Education. This meant going into schools and nurseries to teach adults how to support children, through their early stages of growth, to meet all their needs on an intellectual, social, emotional and physical level. After working and making observations of children in many different capacities over the years, I discovered, through the work of the Child Psychologists, John Bowlby, Mary Ainsworth, Harry Harlow and Jean Piaget, that when our basic needs are not met, particularly between the ages of 0-7 years, a child becomes an adult with unhealthy beliefs about themselves and the way they view the world. This can hold them back from the things they really want to do. Unexpressed emotions and problems with developing relationships of all kinds, along with self-doubt and many other misjudged feelings about the ‘self,’ kick in and we are no longer able to hear that silent whisper of our inner compass, our intuition that is trying to guide us forward on the right path. 

This is not necessarily bad parenting, as Sigmund Freud would have you believe (enough of that guilt!) but a combination of simple needs not being met, for example a child falling over and not given the right comfort they needed at crucial times, thus they don't feel secure. When children are young, they receive their nurturing from parents and other caregivers, such as grandparents, aunts, uncles and teachers, who they form attachments with  and can influence their way of thinking and their beliefs as they grow. The environment a child grows up in and influence of society at the time, also adds to their beliefs of self and others. Sadly, these limiting-beliefs can then hold us back, leaving us stuck, lost, or going down a path that is not in alignment with ourselves. Here at the Soulful Wisdom Academy, learning how to heal your inner child can be a way of understanding what needs were not met for you as a child and how you now, as an adult, can meet those needs and self soothe. 

Understanding Your Body

My Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sports Studies gave me a further understanding of the body and our systems on a psychological, sociological and physiological perspective, leading me to learn more about nutrition and understand the psychological method of the Health Belief Model, simply meaning that true change will only come about when we make the decision to take action to change for ourselves and have the right support network around us to support that change. Therefore, I only work with women in my 1-1 program who are truly ready to commit to change and push past any perceived barriers, so that the change will be long lasting. 

My journey through sports studies led me to learn about Pilates and meditation as I wanted a sense of calm and wellbeing in my own life. I then began to teach this to groups of women. I began to gain a passion for alternative and complementary therapies, learning about and growing herbs for culinary and health benefits. As another string to my bow, my local college asked me to run a  Herb Workshop all about herbs as well as teaching Pilates, Early Years Education & A-level Sports. What a mixture? Phew! 

Fear is Holding You Back

At this stage I thought I was now holistically balanced in my own life, but there was still something missing. For me spirituality was the last part of the puzzle. I had always dipped in and out of the tarot, and was drawn to crystals, but fear held me back from connecting with my soulful wisdom and developing my intuition. Where had that fear come from? Everyone has intuition and can learn to connect with it, however over the years we have lost this ability and particularly for women, a deep-seated fear kicks in. This is in part because wise women over the decades were persecuted for using their wisdom and knowledge of herbs and using nature to heal, branded as witches and burned at the stake or drowned. This fear has been imprinted and passed down from ancestors through the generations until we have lost our connection and trust with our intuition. Facing this fear and the shadow part of our self is another great technique taught at the Soulful Wisdom Academy.

Overcoming the Pressure to be Superwoman

Women in particular, undergo many identity changes when we marry, when we become mothers, with new roles and responsibilities thrust upon ourselves. Along with societal pressure this means we lose our way and our purpose and often become overwhelmed, burned out and depression can set in as we lose sight of who we are. In our quest for equality with men, we begin to juggle not only motherhood -attempting to be the perfect wife at home -but pressure to work is also thrown in. If we don’t work, we become 'nobodies' as the important role of just being a mother is no longer seen as enough. Then guilt sets in, so we help in the nurseries, schools, after school activities, churches and community, never saying no and trying to be more. The working mum takes on jobs that fit with her children and not necessarily what she wants to do. Those women who keep the job they love and worked hard for, now we have access to education, feels guilty that they feel they are not there for their children. Mothers begin to compare themselves to other mothers and become aware of the unspoken competition surrounding their children hitting each milestone, which also feeds the 'mother guilt'.

Sharing Learning and Creating a Safe Nurturing Space - The Soulful Wisdom Academy

When women finally pull together in circle, like they did once before, and tap into their unique gifts and intuition, knowing they are enough, we can become an unstoppable force. Therefore, I create a safe space for you to connect with your intuition as well as a private group space where women on the same journey can support one another. Women supporting women can be very powerful and lead to some great new friendships being formed. 

For me, my bouts of depression throughout my life were not fixed through traditional therapies. When I also understood that most of what I was feeling didn't even belong to me, because I was an empath soaking up other people's energy like a sponge. I was able to release these feelings  and connecting back to my intuition without fear of persecution led me to a place of personal healing, especially as I could begin to identify which energies were mine. Once I pushed past this fear, I learned about Transcendental Meditation, Shamanism, Reiki, Qi Gong and the Chakras. I began to connect back to the Tarot, Oracle Cards and Astrology with confidence to help guide me forward.  

As you can see, I love and am passionate about learning and will always continue to seek and search for my own personal growth. As the guru Tony Robbins says, "if you’re not growing, you're dying!" He also says we grow so we experience real fulfilment and have something of value to share with others. I am now ready to bring all my experience and growth together, so I can share this knowledge and wisdom with women in a safe and secure space, which is why The Soulful Wisdom Academy was created - A place for women to connect to their soulful wisdom and heal, align and evolve! 

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