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Did You Seek The Dragons Or Did They Find You?

I didn’t go looking for dragons. I didn’t call the dragons in to work with me. At least not consciously anyway! Maybe in another lifetime, another plain of existence or even before I incarnated.

I have always loved mythology & stories, particularly King Arthur. I would read it again & again as a child drawn to the ideals of the Camelot & the round table of equality, fairness & justice to all, but I hadn’t really thought about the dragon in Merlin’s Cave.  



I even played Puff the Magic Dragon on my recorder repeatedly not knowing the significance that when we grow up we forget the life of imagination & magic that we create as children, instead we become serious & bogged down with responsibilities of life with no time to play or bring our dreams into existence.

But I still didn’t choose to work with dragon consciousness. I have a fierce love of the natural world & with parents who worked with plants for a living my childhood was spent outside amongst the trees, fauna & flora. If I had a choice, I would have picked the journey of healing with the rose or herbs. 

So why did the dragons pick me to share their message? Now I’m not saying I’m special, the dragons haven’t picked me singularly out of a crowd, they are ready to work with everyone, especially as the frequency of the planet is being raised by a mass awakening. They are here to help with the ascension process. They are elementals & fiercely want to protect our planet as they say we are all interconnected & woven as one. Helping us, helps our planet & them. 

The dragons chose me because I feared the occult. I had vivid prophetic dreams of world disasters as a child that would come true so I switched these gifts off to protect my self from the horrors. I feared the entities I was connecting with, terrified I’d be possessed. Going to church added to these fears. Slowly, as I have worked through these fears with different experienced mentors in different healing modalities I found my psychic gifts opening again & realised I could help others, but before I could, I had to get over more fears of talking about what I do as I was worried I’d be judged. 

When the dragons came in with their light codes & activations, they helped me to grow into my own unique power as they set challenges along my journey. I tried to distance myself from the dragons as I thought people would think I’m crazy talking to dragons, I’d only just been able to work up the courage to tell people I talk to souls who had passed over. 


The dragons persevered, with signs & synchronicities, gently, sometimes fiercely nudging me back to my souls path. As I received their medicine & embodied their light wisdom codes I continued to evolve, holding more space for clients & helping them step more into their own power & remembrance that they can be the creatrix of their own reality. 

We all hold that power, it’s just that overtime our souls light has been dimmed & we have forgotten who we are & the wisdom that is within. 

If you are ready to go on a journey of self discovery, remembrance, courage from your heart then you may like to sign up for the intuitive dragon medicine, even if you’re not into dragons, I guarantee you will love their essence & support, cheerleading you to become your true authentic self, living a life of homeostasis with a mixture of being your fullest potential & to just simply be! 

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