Intuitive Dragon Medicine-Coming Soon! 

My clients have been asking me how dragon medicine has enhanced my intuition & empowered me to find my soul mission...& to be fair the dragons have gently been nudging me to share their heart centred activations for the soul, so you too can benefit from the dragons medicine!

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If you are at a crossroads in your life & know you are here for a greater purpose, but you're confused as to what that is? 

Or, you already know your soul mission but manifesting it isn't as clear cut as you'd like?

Perhaps you just want to connect to a dragon clan to support you?

On this training, you'll learn:

  • How to clear self doubts & fears that prevent you from trusting & expanding your natural unique gifts & talents.
  • How clearing & cleansing your powerhouses can help you manifest or channel your own dragon messages with ease & clarity.
  • How to lead with your intuition & take aligned action, so you are empowered to step into the confident intuitive, who is full of inspiration waiting to be created.
  • How to harness your own dragon power, connect with a dragon clan who will support your journey of unfolding to a heart led life of inner truth & self empowerment.
  • Through Heart Centred Alignment Activations, Shamanic Journeying, light language & light code transmissions from the dragons for your soul expansion.
  • How to walk the dragon path & naturally awaken your own inner dragon.

Create Transformative changes through healing with the Dragon Wisdom Light Code Channelled from the Cygnus Star Constellation with the following 3 steps:

  • Dragon Portal 1: Dragon Energy

Get to know the attributes of Dragon Energy.

  • Dragon Portal 2: Dragon Power

Integrate these attributes of dragon energy as your own unique Dragon Power.

  • Dragon Portal 3: Dragon Wisdom

Embody your unique dragon power as Dragon Wisdom.

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