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The Power of Forgiveness

The hardest question about forgiveness is 'How do we forgive without making an excuse for our or others’ actions?'

Sadly, the biggest issue we usually have is forgiving ourselves, giving ourselves that same compassion we would readily give to others when they say sorry. If you've done something wrong, but you know you won't do it again, then you're forgiven!

Why is it so easy to forgive and feel compassion towards a child or an animal for something they did wrong and yet it is incredibly difficult to show compassion to an adult who's wronged you? We don't say to a child 'I forgive you,' because you understand why they did it, so you comfort them, say 'it's ok, don't cry, I understand'! But not so towards our adult friends and relatives and we're even harder on ourselves.

Neale Donald Walsch in Awaken the Species, a spiritual quest, tells us we need to go deeper - the master can never forgive for the master understands! Understanding replaces forgiveness. Understanding moves you into acceptance of who we are. Understanding that hurt people hurt people: we are human and make mistakes. 

The amazing thing is, when you forgive and understand, ripples of connections are made and healing energy is released. The other person involved doesn't have to forgive, only you do. Even if you haven't told the person you're forgiving them because there is too much trauma around the situation, they will know! Often the perpetrator contacts the victim a few days later to apologise, even though they had no knowledge the victim was forgiving them! This further adds to healing the collective, as they can begin to forgive themselves and more healing energy is released. 

When we Forgive, we will feel liberated. We can forgive anything when we come from a place of understanding. We can learn to cut the cord and not pass that hurt on to others. We can learn how to stop being another hurt person hurting others! When we practice forgiveness enough, we won't need to forgive the same situation anymore as we will just send out healing energy.

Forgiveness is not about dropping the charge. Forgiveness is  about releasing a memory of something we haven't let go of. When we forgive someone or forgive ourselves, we are releasing a memory that no longer serves us. It could be a memory that is deeply embedded in our energy system  or sometimes deep trauma, that maybe held in our body as stuck energy. We only end up harming ourselves by holding onto this memory.

Here at the Soulful Wisdom Academy, we use Shamanic healing to help release this stuck energy on a soul level. Once you feel a shift in releasing this energy, you will feel lighter and no longer feel an attachment of emotion to that memory. Full Moon ceremonies are a perfect time to forgive, release & detach ourselves from the chains that can hold us back. This allows space for the new energy to come forward & helps us be more fully in our power as with forgiveness the situation or person no longer holds power over us!


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