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How is Mary Magdalene relevant to your Spiritual Awakening?

Today is the feast of Mary Magdalene, her energy represents the sacred feminine & the path of the priestess. She holds the wisdom of the priestesses who  have walked before us. From the mystic priestesses from Isis, Egypt, the Avalon & Essene lineages. I first met her powerful energies at the Chalice Well, Glastonbury, where the red healing waters run through the Micheal & Mary leylines.
When you embody the Magdalene energy, you embody the red rose & weave the red threads into your life as you heal any wounds of your womb.
Mary Magdalene was a priestess of the Goddess.she knew how to embody the light and the dark, how to harness the magic potency of sacred sexual energy, and how to cleanse, awaken, and resurrect the soul. Sadly, her teachings have largely been forgotten.
As women, when we start our spiritual awakening we maybe drawn to the gentle healing energies of reiki or archangels to help us work with our energetic bodies and slowly rediscover who we are. We may delve into self-care & self love practices as we begin to remember the yearnings of our soul & our purpose here on earth.
If you are called to feel whole again, to embody all aspects of the divine feminine & awaken to your full power, eventually, you may hear the calling to go on a journey of the priestess to embody and awaken your divine feminine intuitive and psychic gifts, especially if you really want to heal on a soul level.
A priestess journey takes courage as the deep witch wounds held in our DNA are dispelled. The ancestral lineages are healed and cords cut as you walk the priestess path & deal with all fear that arises within you.
Women have been persecuted for leading with their intuition, their healing gifts & feminine wiles, to a point where women still hold these wounds deep in there emotional body.
Feeling & expressing emotions are seen as a loss of control of your demeanour or ‘too much’. Women have learnt to suppress their emotions, numbing them with food or addiction. Instead of expressing themselves in their fullness and unique creativity, they take on supporting, nurturing roles in their community & put others first with no regard to their own needs. This would be seen as selfish, which is why when women step into their healing journey, self care practices bring up the emotion of guilt, which expresses itself as the feelings of failure and shows itself as anxiety.
It takes courage to face our fears, to explore where these emotions came from. These fears that grow within us, keep us small & prevent us from trusting our feminine wisdom. If we cannot trust our own wisdom, then we will embody self doubt & look for validation from others for guidance instead of trusting our own intuition to lead us. This expresses itself as a sense of low self-worth and brings up the emotion of shame, where we judge ourselves harshly or worry about how we will be perceived by others & feel we are not good enough.
Women take on the pain & the blame of the state of the world, desperately wanting to fix it. We create and give birth to life, we nurture the children who become the adults that destroy the world.
Walking the path of the priestess means confidently stepping into your creative power, embodying & expressing the divine feminine with fullness. Embracing your power, being seen, heard & no longer playing it small. Healing yourself on a soul level allows those around you to heal. This is the first step to healing our broken world. As you accept yourself in your fullness & greatness, you will see Pacha-mama in her fullness & greatness. This will be your focus. The fear & negativity around you will fall away as you help to birth the new Earth.
For women who are ready to awaken to the Magdalene Priestess energy; to go deeper on a soul level with their healing & to shine their light bright as an Earth Star Priestess, you can read more about this upcoming journey here:
🌹🌹🌹To celebrate the energy of Mary Magdalene, here is an affirmation I channelled last year:
I am worthy of being heard
I am worthy of being seen in my full feminine expression
I trust my inner wisdom and lead with my intuition
I am a bright healing star
And I am not afraid to shine my light ❤️
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