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Fearlessly Being Authentically You: Using your Perception & Powerhouse to Find Your Purpose!

In order to be 'Authentically You', there are three things that you need:

1.The first is 'Perception'

What do I mean by Perception? I mean how do you view yourself? Where do you put yourself on your list of priorities? Because if your perception is that you're here just to serve everybody else and do what everybody else wants you to do, then potentially you're not going to change anything from the way you are right now! But when you have the right perception, when you know who you are and what you really want, well then this becomes much easier to be able to set the co-ordinates of how you're going to get there. But just like any great sat-navigation system, you first need to know your starting point before you can put in the co-ordinates to where you are headed next.

2. Secondly, you've got to be a 'Powerhouse'

So what do I mean by 'Powerhouse'? I mean what is it about you that's incredible and amazing and how can you bring all of that into alignment with those areas of your life that might not be so powerful right now? It isn't your fault by the way, if you're not feeling powerful, because we are taught to help and support other people, told to put other people first, 'give and ye shall receive'... Sadly this can lead you to become a people pleaser, afraid to say no. And yet the reality is, life's a bit like breathing; you've got to give and you've got to take and so many women spend their lives just breathing out, continually giving by wearing so many hats, taking on too many roles and responsibilities trying to keep everyone happy.

That's not conducive to a healthy life, so here with the 'Powerhouse' in perfect balance, is how you can take, so that you can give in a great way. But first of all, lets help you give and take for yourself! You can't keep pouring from an empty cup. Taking care of you first is a necessity, self-care is not selfish! Taking care of you, keeps you healthy, so that you can accomplish all the things you need and want to, without feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. Balance in all areas of your emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual health is of the essence here.

Now you know where you are, you've got your 'Perception', you understand why you are where you are, why you thought certain things and now you're stepping into your power, becoming that 'Powerhouse', you need to understand the 'Purpose'?

3. Your 'Purpose'

What's the point of doing all this? Well of course, it's so you can live a happy fulfilled life, because those people who don't do what they need to do, well according to Bronnie Ware an Australian palliative nurse who interviewed and talked to people on their last journey, the number one reason that people have in terms of regret is never doing what they wanted to. They always did what everyone else wanted them to do.

"I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me." (Number 1 regret witnessed by Bronnie Ware).

So, to summarise, at the Soulful Wisdom Academy, what we do is teach you how to review where you are now, what is your 'Perception'? We use the 'Crystal Clear Awareness Activator', it's just a 3 step process which it helps you look at things in such a way that you are very clear about why you are where you are, what it is you want to change and what it is that you want to keep and when you've taken this 'Crystal Clear Awareness Activator' and developed it, you're going to know exactly who you are and why you're where you are right now, so that you can make the changes to make yourself even more magnificent!

Next, we use the 'Self Alignment Solution' (which says what it does on the tin). This is about how you can align yourself and put yourself in the right place energetically. How you can look at the different parts of your body, commonly known as mind, body and spirit and put them into alignment. The aim is to align these 3 areas to make them work for you, not to you. So many women say "I've got to do this before this can happen" or "this is always happening to me"! Life doesn't happen to you, life happens for you and when you can get into alignment, life will start to flow and things will come easier; you can enjoy things more, you will get a sense that you are on the right path and then finally your 'Purpose' will become clear.

To guide you on this last, purposeful step, 'The Confident Dream Creator' helps you to create the dream you may have given up on previously, the dream that is now going to help you be in the right place for you, not only now, but also in the future.

These steps and processes have evolved into the 'Fearlessly Seeking You System', which we would love to share with you at the Soulful Wisdom Academy!



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