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Conversations with a Burnt Gorse Bush!

I kept having this pull to walk to a part of the forest that I used to walk when my children were babies. I realised I used to walk up the hill everyday as a way to get fit & loose the baby weight. 

I stopped coming to this area because there’s quite a few deer here & my dog as a young pup wanted to run after them.

My first walk I realised how unfit I’d become, how much I’d stopped taking care of myself, first my effort went into my children, then my job but I’d forgotten about me. I got halfway up & was drawn to stop by a burnt out gorse bush as it had medicine for me this week & a lesson I felt. I stopped to connect &  realised I too felt a little burnt out!


The next day I was walking better & nearly stormed past the gorse bush, but the bush caught my cardigan flapping in the wind, so I had to stop again. 

I realised that my day had not started the best as this week my youngest was finishing junior school & along with this transition, there are so many commitments & demands from the school of places to be, watching end of year recitals, form filling, payments, returning books, presents, new school clothes etc etc, if you’re a mum, you know the drill. Stress levels seem to be raised getting your children out of the door in the mornings. You’re also often reacting from a lens of your own inner child & the memories you might have had during that same age, which can bring up another level of emotions to be felt, healed or integrated during such a busy period, that you just don’t have time to really think about. 


What I also realised was that my son has a big transition & his emotions were up & down, but also my own emotions were up & down as I too was transitioning yet again from a mum of a young boy who is now transitioning to much more independence along with the fact that he is my youngest of 3 & I will never experience that transition again!


That hit hard & I realised the medicine this week from the burnt out gorse bush was to allow a period of renewal & rest, to allow time to grieve for what was, instead of rushing ahead to the next stage. 


This is what the gorse bush is doing. It is not fully burnt out, it will rest & rejuvenate until it is ready to transform & regrow in all its splendour. Or even something else may grow in its place that will bring new memories.

The burnt serpent like pattern on the gorse reminds me of a fire dragon, transmuting & cleansing the old, to make room for the new. This is the shamanic cycle of death & rebirth!

When our awareness of the natural world is switched on, we are able to receive the medicine from our plant & animal allies.



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