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Shamanism is a form of earth-based spirituality that has roots in many different indigenous cultures around the globe & is seen as the mother of all energy healing systems.


It works on a soul level & therefore it is easier to get to the root cause of a problem. Traditionally the shaman or medicine man/woman would be responsible for the health and wellbeing of the tribe, utilising different tools to help recreate a sense of reconnection and wholeness for those experiencing ‘dis-ease’. It is important that the person reconnect to the lost parts of the self in order to then be reintegrated back into the community and to feel safe and connected to the land/surrounding environment.

Different cultures have different shamanic ‘tools’ but there are particular elements that constitute healing being shamanic.

. Animism - The belief that the natural world - land, rocks, plants and animals carry a spiritual and energetic essence. The understanding that we ARE nature and thus our connection to the natural world is of upmost importance for health and well-being.

. Altered States of Consciousness - The Shaman uses trance states to access deeper realms. These states are often triggered by sound, movement or vibration.

. Intention - Specific focus

. Connection - That healing is about being able to connect to oneself on a deeper level.

. Deep Listening - The ability to be receptive and listen without judgment or interpretation.

Therapeutic Shamanism

Some reasons for trying this approach of therapy include:

. Assistance in transitioning through a big life change - Divorce, death of a loved one, motherhood, empty nesting etc to help with the process and formulate a new direction.

. Insights in to managing chronic pain.

. Creative blocks or feeling stuck in life, unsure of your direction.

. Self-development/curiosity

. For Therapists - Grounding, help with addressing problems with transference during therapy sessions (taking on what is not yours) and avoiding burnout.

The main shamanic tools I use with clients are:

Shamanic Journeying: A guided journey (by being talked into a relaxed stated, similar to hypnotherapy) into the sub conscious mind and shamanic realms or ‘worlds’ where the person can access information, guidance or knowledge. *Please note - I do not use any plant medicines or substances in my work.

Ritual & Ceremony: Used for rites of passage, letting go and clearing, expressing gratitude or for calling in/manifesting change of some kind. Ceremony turns the mundane, everyday into something sacred to be honoured. It can also help to physically embody or mark a transition in an intentional and focused way as a way of excepting and acknowledging the process. Together with the client, we formulate a ritual or ceremony that honours their specific intention, this can be done for them to do alone or together.

The Medicine Wheel: Many different cultures have their own version of a medicine wheel. The wheel reflects the cycles and seasons of life and when we connect to it, it can show us where we are placing emphasis and where we may be blocked or lacking focus in our life. A useful starting point for a person looking to make changes in their life but are unsure where to start.

How do the sessions work?: The first step is to formulate a specific intention or focus to be worked on. Then I can work with you to suggest an appropriate therapeutic plan. As a starting point I recommend trying the first introductory session. Regardless of the specific intention, this first session will be similar for every client. Two shamanic journeys are taken to establish your ‘power place’ and then also to connect to your ‘power animal’. These are the basic journeying tools that you need to do furthermore personalised shamanic work. The journeys can be guided or I will do the journey with my guides & bring back information for you, whilst you relax. These sessions can be done in person as well as a distance healing over zoom.

My teachings of shamanism are blended from Peruvian, Mongolian & Celtic ways of learning.

Please contact me if you would like to learn more about how Shamanism might help you.



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