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What is your gift as an Empath & why a deep cleanse of your Aura & Energy System might be just what you need!

As an empath you are an energy reader. You read energy & the Aura by feeling the emotions of others, the mood of a room & the people in it, sometimes even the energy of an old building or the energy that is imprinted in an object. You may even be able to feel the pain of others in your own body which is also being clairsentient. There may be some crossover with being clairsentient & this is the first clairsense that is the easiest gift to develop when you are an empath. Anyone can learn how to be clairsentient when they develop their intuition, but as an empath you have already begun to tune into these sensitivities, usually in childhood & sometimes as a protection mechanism.

Sometimes you can sense that a person may not like you & that’s usually not the case, it’s just that that person can feel uncomfortable in your presence because they can sense that you are able to read them. Likewise, on a deeper level, this can also be because that person has something to show you & that trigger needs investigating further. Maybe they are reflecting back at you a shadow part of yourself that you don’t want to see.

As an empath 3 things are really important to do on a daily basis & that is protection, grounding & cleansing of your own energy.

There are a variety of activities you can do for each one of these & I will add a link to a free pdf for you to access very soon, with some examples of what you can do.

It is very easy to take on another persons energy as your own, whether that be in the emotions that they are feeling or even pain in their physical body, especially the energy of those that you love, because you want to be the rescuer & take away their pain, consciously or unconsciously. Therefore, protecting your energy is important to help prevent you from taking on unwanted energy of others.  

Cleansing is necessary to remove any residual energy that you may embody from others or the environment around you, on a day to day basis, especially if you have forgotten to use your protection tools. This includes decluttering your home & surroundings, which can alleviate a cluttering of your mind & any anxiety which may accompany this.

Grounding, which is essentially being present in your body, is also essential & often as an empath you may find this difficult to do, because when you are in your body, you can often feel too many different emotions which are not easy to process, so it’s often not comfortable to be there. 


However, many of these emotions you are feeling, may not even belong to you, so protecting feelings which are not yours is not really going to help in the long term. I offer a quick example of a cleansing tool to remove residue energies on my you tube channel, but the reality is a deep cleansing of your energy field maybe needed.


Emotions are energy in motion & when they flow freely through your body, your energy channels are clear & open connecting you to source above & the crystalline structure of the earth below. (As above, so Below)! When your energy is free flowing, then essentially your life begins to flow with ease too! 

Your chakras are the energy wheels that spin in alternate directions in your body & connect to source to develop psychic intuition, these chakras need to be open & clear for energy to flow. Each chakra creates the aura of the 7 colours of the rainbow around your body. When they meet at the top & are all shinning brightly because your channels are clear they make up the white light that connects direct to source. In my monthly membership you will receive a free bonus Chakra Course with meditations to help you understand the chakras & prepare for the deep cleanse of my Level 2 - 'Fearlessly Seeking You' Course which will be available in January 2022!


Each chakra, relates to a different area of your body & if any of these chakras have blocked emotions stored within the body, (usually resulting from a trauma) the chakras become over or under active & there is often a correlation between a certain age that a trauma may have happened to the position of where the emotional block is held in the body. Trauma can be as simple as you weren’t heard as a child, at a time that was particularly important to you & you would have made a decision or a belief on how you would react to that trauma & attach an emotion to that trauma. Trauma doesn’t always have to be something major! As you mature in life, you look for confirmation to the emotions that you attached to your trauma & may even see them becoming repeating patterns. This is why as an adult on your healing journey, there are often many memories to unpick before you can get to the root cause of the emotion that needs to be cleared from your body. This is when you may hear people saying that they are peeling back layers & just as you think your healing is done, another layer needs to be healed!

As a child there is also a possibility that to feel safe you were able to put your skills as an energy reader into hyperdrive, for example you wanted to check if it were safe to enter a room before you walked in for various possible reasons & in doing so you became the empath you are now! Inner child healing meditations & learning to give your child what she needed in the past is one technique to shift your emotional blocks, that may be held in your root or sacral chakra.

 When emotions get stuck in the body & for empaths, this can also mean the emotions of other people can get stuck in your body, if you are prone to taking on other peoples energies. If these negative emotions are not cleared, you may repeat certain patterns of behaviour, so that the same emotions keep getting stuck in the same chakras. Eventually, on a metaphysical level, these emotional blocks can leave you feeling exhausted or even manifest into different illnesses & pain. Having awareness around your emotional blocks, your triggers & your root cause, is the beginning of your healing journey. Feeling & releasing is healing & maintaining good boundaries is really important for an empath!

So, just like you look after your physical body with good nutrition & exercise it is also important to cleanse & release your energy body to help you stay healthy.

When these emotional blocks are removed from your body, you will feel & know who your authentic self is, which will mean protecting, clearing & cleansing your energy body will become so much easier to do. You will feel in complete alignment & connecting with your intuition will also be so much easier to do. 


And when you lead with your intuitive guidance, you will confidently make decisions in your life that will help you to go in the right direction. For example, it will be easier to make a good career choice that is perfect for you. Manifesting also becomes a breeze, so you can create more abundance in all areas of your life.


If you would like to go on a deep cleanse for your energy body, at the end of November, I am so excited to tell you that I will be releasing a membership where metaphysical learning & healing will take place. There will be a monthly themed healing focus, with ceremonies, meditations, a monthly Q & A & regular guest experts. This membership includes bonus 1 of my level 1- 'Fearlessly Seeking You' course & bonus 2 of my beginners Chakra Course, that will help you understand the chakras, how to clear them & how to connect more fully with your intuition. See below for more information on the membership!


My main focus as an intuitive energy healer is to empower you to to be the master of your own energy & to be your own energy healer. In my level 2 program, you will receive lifetime access to all the information, so that you can continue clearing old energy when needed & you will even have an option to receive an attunement to reiki 1 the 1st degree, so you can not only heal yourself faster, but you can use this energy healing system to benefit your family & friends.


When you heal yourself, you stop repeating patterns that have been passed down in your by your ancestors & begin to heal your family, your friends & if you wish to become a healer to heal the general population on a larger scale, you can continue your reiki training with me.

My aim is to help exhausted spiritually-led women who over-give, shift blocked emotions stored in their body, so that they can confidently lead with their intuitive guidance to manifest an abundant life that is in perfect alignment for them. Unlike other strategies, which only show you how to protect energy that might not even be solely yours; I focus on distinguishing your energy from other people & in creating awareness of the root cause of the emotional block, so once cleared, they don’t get stuck in your physical body again. This is because I teach you techniques & self-practices, so you can become the master of your own energy system to keep your channels clear. You will go from exhausted empath to empowered empath.


If this describes you even a little bit & you are intrigued to know more, please join my waitlist below.



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