Welcome Soul Wisdom Seekers, Keepers, Spirit Weavers, Energy Healers, Starseeds and Lightworkers who are ready to confidently discover, enhance and expand your natural intuitive gifts and talents, through a year long experiential journey of self-discovery, self-empowerment, self-mastery and self-actualisation.



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Become a Shamanic Dragon Priestess Initiate Today!



This unique year long journey shifts energetically and in harmony with the changing cyclical seasons.


Studies show that reconnecting mindfully with nature brings moments of calm and relief in this current fast paced society that we live in. Most people will say they do not have time to work on themselves, which is the reason for choosing a year long journey of self discovery in tune with natures cycles, to help slow us down, reduce the worries and anxiety of everyday thoughts, by releasing the additional pressure  that a short intensive course can sometimes bring, as we often struggle to keep up.


This initiation as a shamanic dragon priestess opens weekly with small bitesize teachings, activations and meditations. For those who wish to go deeper and have more time to explore, there are additional activities to complete.


Life time access to this initiation is also given, so that you can repeat the journey each year and deepen your self-mastery as another level of unfolding is activated.


Connecting with nature is also one incredibly fast way to amplify your intuitive and psychic senses!

Do you feel the call to walk your own path of feminine power which is as unique as you?

'Heal Thyself', 'Know Thyself'

otherwise interpreted as 

'Fearlessly Seeking You'

Life is a continuous adventure into the darkness of the unknown, yet we are often afraid of change. According to Harvard Business Review, we make between 33,000 to 35,000 decisions everyday, many of these unconsciously and many that we think we are making consciously are in fact based on previous experiences, which have shaped our beliefs and thought patterns. When we become aware of our thoughts and our beliefs, where they came from and how they might even be limiting us from our full potential, we can instead become curious observers and active participants of our own lives, thus becoming the creators of our own stories and inviting in infinite abundance.


We can begin to 'heal thyself', which is the first step and intiation that a priestess will take. A priestess actively connects to her innate wisdom, confidently leading with her intuition as she is in continuous flow with her expansive feminine energies within. A priestess does not look outside of herself for answers, instead she is connected to the divine through the natural world, stars and moon as she is deeply aware that everything outside of her is reflective of her inner world. To know the natural world is to 'Know Thyself' and the second initiation for a priestess.


When we feel lost, or at a crossroads in life, uncertain which direction to take, it is often because we have lost connection with the natural world around us and the cyclical element that we are a part of, which in turn creates a disconnection to ourselves and our souls path and purpose.


Through shamanism we can explore our inner world during journeying and activities creating a deeper connection with nature and deepen our knowledge of ourselves. When we work with energy, it is sometimes difficult to understand the alchemy that takes place, working with nature creates something tangible to explain the shifts taking place within.


The dragon is part of the elemental kingdom and like us, is multi-dimensional and able to accompany us to the upper world where 'love and light' of the angelic and galactic realms reside, but dragons can also accompany us through the chaos and dark shadows of the lower realms, where often, deep healing takes place. The dragon also resides within us and when activated, the dragon raises the primeaval feminine aspects of the Goddess, which mixes with the masculine qualities within us in perfect balance.


This allows us to make intuitive heart centred decisions and feel empowered to take soul-aligned action to create a life of purpose and prosperity.

Become a Dragon Priestess Initiate Today!
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Meet 13 dragons of the land, sea and sky, to ignite your inner dragon flame. Receive the dragon medicine to clear, cleanse and expand your energetic powerhouses, creating a clearer, open channel within you so that you can receive your natural intuitive gifts with ease:

  • 13 Lessons about the dragons and how to work with them
  • 13 Dragon ¬†transmissions and meditations, channelled by Nicola from the hidden dragon in the Cygnus Star Constellation. Accompanying workbooks included
  • 13 Crystal Grid layouts to amplify healing and increase your Lemurian and Atlantis dragon connection
  • Build and maintain your internal and external dragon power with supporting Feng Shui and Qigong Dragon Exercises
  • East meets West for the Chinese New Year of the Wood Dragon. Learn about the mythology and history of the dragon. Explore the similarities between the Celtic Western and Chinese Eastern Dragons
  • Connect with the dragon lines and dragon stories in your local area
  • Create an alter to invite the dragons to energetically work with you
  • NB: Each new dragon code spiral is released ¬†every 4 weeks, creating a spiral within a spiral




Connect with the Goddess Sophia, awaken your divine feminine energy within and stand in your sovereignty:

  • 4 Live Ceremonies at the turn of the Seasons: Spring- sacred element Air, Summer- sacred element Fire, Autumn- Sacred element Water and Winter-sacred element Earth¬†
  • 13 feminine archetypes to embody with accompanying workbooks
  • 13 Full Moon Release Rituals with ideas for essential oil essence for anointing and supporting herbal tea tinctures¬†
  • Take 13 shamanic journeys for each of the celtic trees and power animals as you connect to the wisdom of the trees and the primeval part of you, as you are guided by your spirit animal guides¬†
  • Meet your entire supporting spirit team in the shamanic realms and receive your soul name
  • Create your own medicine bag to¬†give you strength, wisdom, magic, prosperity and assist you in your everyday life
  • NB: Each new empress code spiral is released ¬†every 4 weeks, creating a spiral within a spiral


Throughout our journey together, the intention has been set that you will be supported in a safe, non judgmental container with the energy of the Acsended Master 'Merlin':

  • 13 Seventh Dimensional High Frequency Lightbody Healings channelled by Alexis Cartwright, running in the background to support the alchemy that is taking place in and around you
  • Throughout the course, you will receive the teachings of understanding the mastery of balancing the divine feminine ¬†and masculine energies as you work with the dragons and balancing the sacred elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth as we spiral round the medicine wheel
  • NB: Each new alchemist code spiral is released ¬†every 4 weeks, creating a spiral within a spiral


Amplify your manifestation and abundance codes, as you come into mastery with your natural intuitive and psychic gifts. 

  • 13 New Moon Rituals to create abundance in each area of your life as we bring in Moonology and Astrology to work with the governing houses and planets of the month¬†
  • Live Monthly Development Circles with a themed divination tool to practice your skills with each other in Zoom breakout rooms followed by a Q and A session
  • A selection of Energetic Hygiene practices, Cord cutting and Akashic record reading and clearing, to support your journey
  • 1 Closing Ceremony
  • NB: Each new priestess code spiral is released ¬†every 4 weeks, creating a spiral within a spiral
  • Why 13 Moons, dragons, feminine archetypes, trees and power animals? 13 is the number of the divine feminine which as a Shamanic Dragon Priestess you awaken & embody the ancient lost wisdom.


Become a Shamanic Dragon Priestess Initiate Today!

Hi, I'M Nicola!

A 2x Bestselling Co-Author of 'She Is...Unleashing Divine Feminine Power' & 'Goddess', a Shamanic Dragon Priestess, Dragon Channeller and a Soul Wisdom Activator, activating the remembrance of your souls blueprint.


My Soul name given to me in the shamanic realms by my Wolf Clan; is 'Elini Sahara' which translates to 'Shining Light in the Wilderness'. That is indeed my mission.  To be a beacon of light to empathic women who feel lost, at a crossroads and disconnected from theirself, others around them and nature, often looking to the stars with a longing and wonder. Those heart-centred women who love to help others and wish to be guided by their intuition, but don't trust what they receive, question if it is their imagination or fear what they may be connecting to. They know they are here for more. They are seeking something, following the signs and synchronicities which may have led you here, and in particular if you are seeing dragons in your dreams, meditations, or in nature and are curious to know more!


I love to weave the stories of the divine feminine through the unfolding spiral path of the mystery schools, to learn the sacred arts of skills such as energy healing, developing psychic abilities, dream interpretation, herbalism, moon, womb and dragon wisdom, nature communication, ritual and ceremony facilitation, meditation, astrology, the art of anointing, essential oil making, the tarot and spiritual study to name but a few. The use of divinity tools and crystals are important to my practice for clearing spaces, energy and amplifying a ritual during a ceremony. My drum is another of my sacred tools for journeying, leading meditation and clearing energy.


This is the spiral path of a Shamanic Dragon Priestess which is a remembrance of our unique soulful wisdom, This includes the awakening and expansion of our natural creative gifts, talents and intuition.

I created the Soulful Wisdom Academy as a sacred feminine sanctuary for women who wish to have their own direct connection with the divine. A haven, where experiential learning, self discovery, personal growth and self-empowerment can blossom in a safe space of mutual respect and understanding. Where fear, shame, guilt and judgement is transmuted into confidence, grace reciprocity, courage and love.


The ethos of the Soulful Wisdom Academy is to offer the highest level of service  to woman who are ready to be initiated as a Shamanic Dragon Priestess. To encourage a lineage of confident intuitive women who can easily bridge the gap of ancient divine feminine knowledge into wisdom that can create purpose , meaning fullfillment and prosperity in modern day life, with just a little sprinkle of fun and magic.


If this sounds like you, you will feel it in your bones and you will have sensed the calling from your soul. If this is you, then you are in the right place to start your spiral journey of unfolding and I look forward to taking this journey of authenticity together and welcoming you into the Academy soon.



This experiential journey will empower you to elevate your intuition so that you can confidently take soul-inspired action for a life of heart-felt abundance.




  • 1 spiral code unlocked weekly
  • Monthly interactive development circle
  • 5 Live Ceremonies
  • 13 High Frequency Lightbody Healings (Group)
  • Supporting workbooks, rituals, crystal grid templates, meditations and transmissions
  • Supportive online community
  • Bonus: Dragon Reiki Attunement




  • 1 spiral code unlocked weekly¬†
  • Monthly interactive development circle
  • 5 Live Ceremonies
  • 13 High Frequency Lightbody Healings (Group)
  • Supporting workbooks, rituals, crystal grid templates, meditations and transmissions
  • Supportive online community
  • Bonus: Dragon Reiki Attunement
  • Pay in Full Bonus Only: Four Quarterly 1:1 Sessions with Nicola




  • 1 spiral code unlocked weekly for 12 weeks, plus access to 2 preparatory weeks
  • Access to 3 monthly interactive development circles
  • 1 Live Ceremony
  • 3 High Frequency Lightbody Healings (Group)
  • Supporting workbooks, rituals, crystal grid templates, meditations and transmissions
  • Supportive online community