Chakra Balancing Healing Workshop Fordingbridge Sat 14th Oct 23 10:00am-4:00pm

In this one day healing workshop you will discover that there is more much more to us than what we see as our physical bodies. You will learn:

  • To become aware and take charge of the energy that makes up your life!
  • How the Energy body determines how you feel, how you respond, and the influence it has on manifesting your reality.
  • Begin to heal the things limiting you in this lifetime for example: fear & guilt.
  • Start your journey to find balance between your physical and spiritual life
  • Be at one with yourself and the universe, raising your consciousness
  • Learn about crystals, incense & colours that can support your healing.
  • Create your own personal mandala

Tea & coffee are provided throughout the day, including Ceremonial Cacao at the start of the day. Please bring your own lunch with you.



£125.00 GBP

You will receive all details of this event to your email box following booking.

Full refund or choice to spend against another workshop will be given if for any reason the event is canceled.

No show, no refund, unless you have contacted me prior to the workshop to make the appropriate changes in advance.

If for any reason you do not receive an email please contact [email protected]