Mini Tarot & Oracle Reading

The mini Tarot & oracle card readings are for a past, present & future spread to give a snap shot of what's going on in your life & the guidance to move forward. Three cards are drawn from my Dragon Tarot deck & if spirit want me to read a few more cards for clarity then I will add oracle cards into the reading. Sometimes a direct message may come in from Spirit, which will be added to the reading if applicable.

All cards that are drawn in this reading are photographed & sent to your email address along with an audio recording of the reading.

Approx -20-25 mins reading

[ You will receive an email from me confirming your booking & your reading will follow within 48hrs of payment ]

What People Are Saying:

My reading from Nicola was so inspiring and definitely a message for me from spirit. It unfolded, developed and expanded and was presented very clearly and with beautiful energy. This is my second reading with Nicola and I definitely hope to have more. Highly recommended. Thank you Nicola. 🥰

Julie de Verteuil UK

This definitely resonated with me. Thank you so much! Very helpful.

Dina Ziskin-Fortune USA

Wow! so many things accurate in the reading. I really enjoyed it, thank you!

Richard Harrison UK

Thank you Nicola for the reading, you explained the cards & it made real sense and reassuring as to the choices I make at this time. It is lovely that you record the reading so as to explain it as you go along. It is the next best thing to actually being able to visit for a reading. I would certainly recommend it to others!

Pauline Weeks, UK

Thank you so much. Lots resonated in the reading!

Natasha Radford, UK

Thank you so much, I just listened to my reading & it was really interesting to hear the things you were saying & touched home with a lot of things, I found it very calming to listen to you & felt very connected to you.

Natasha Peddle, UK

Thank you Nicola for this lovely reading - it is the perfect card for these days and it really gave me an extra push where I needed.

Mateja Pozar, Slovenia

Thank you Nicola for my card reading you did for me today. Made total sense and resonated with me. Thank you so much xX

Claire Winter, UK

I was blown away and very impressed. I also get ongoing cards to help guide my direction. Thanks Nicola.

Jamie Pary, UK

Thank you so much for the card reading you did for me, it was so accurate!

Melanie Bakhuis, Australia

I have just had my reading back and it's amazing! Highly recommend this if you are thinking about booking I Wouldn't even class it as a mini reading, it was so in depth!! Will definitely be booking again in the future

Selina Dunwoodie, UK

I Listened to my reading last night and wow, spot on! First off, your voice is so soothing, nurturing, healing!

Mary Via, USA

I had a mini tarot session with Nicola and although I didn't ask a specific question, the cards pulled and the reading was quite accurate with regard to a situation I had been no going through. Advice was spot on and Nicola even pulled an extra card for further clarity. Very pleased. Thank you Nicola!

Lori Kurtz, USA

£25.00 GBP

All readings will be sent to you 48 hrs after payment. 

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If you've not received your reading within the allocated time please email Nicola as in the instructions following your purchase

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Sorry but due to the nature of the product, there will be no refund once purchased